In recent years, foam washing technology has improved with the addition of our latest high tensile strength "DURABLE" Neoglide. The next step in foam washing technology. This material offers all the same benefits of the original Neoglide, but with added strength to endure the demanding car wash environment for longer periods. Neoglide also has the patented unique swirl pattern exclusive to Neoglide, which separates us from all other washing material in the market today.

• Available with cloth or plastic clips for installation in aluminum hubs.

AVAILABLE SOLID COLORS: Red, Yellow, Green, Blue, & Black

AVAILABLE SWIRL COLORS: Reclaim Black/Blue, Green/White, Blue/White, Red/White

INNOVATIVE NEOGLIDE® – Hush Brush Design Advantage
• Quieter Brush – Noise reduction achieved through new innovative design.
• Improved cleaning – New design allows for better brush contact on vehicle resulting in superior cleaning.
• Reduced mirror disturbance – less mirror flipping.
• All the benefits of durability with Neoglide® wash material
WRAP AROUNDS – "We have the solution for your wrap arounds"
• Unique double & triple ply design increases hub diameter, which keeps the aluminum core away from the vehicle.
• Also utilizes a 4" cloth buffer to increase the hub diameter.
• The 1/4" "Profile Cut" on the top section of the Wrap is gentle on mirrors & antennas, while enhancing Neoglide cleaning performance.
• The lightweight Neoglide material does not absorb water, resulting in less wear & tear on support equipment, motors & bearings.
• Forgiving of all awkward grilled vehicles, such as pick-up trucks with snowplow hardware, fishing pole racks, and police car ramming bumpers.
• Non-aggressive does not pulls moldings or emblems.
• Car friendly no mirror damage & you can go as high as possible.
• Available for manufactures utilizing the c-channel design.

• Enjoy all the benefits of Neoglide on your rockers.
• 1/4" thin 'profile' finger cut, soft on antennas & mirrors, but able to reach hard to reach crevices.
• "Car Friendly" no mirror damage, enabling higher reach for better cleaning on rockers.
• Available for all heights & all manufactures of rockers & high side wheels.

• Available in star design or c-channel.
• One piece star design increases star material strength without gluing individual pieces.
• Reduces chance of glue to fail & fingers to pull out.
• Increased fingers, resulting in 30% more cleaning efficiency
• One piece star design enables operator to reduce rpms with built in buffer, for longer usable life.
• Revolutionary curved directional finger design with the curved part of the finger meeting the vehicle for a quiter brush.
• Easy to replace stackable design.
• Made from our Neoglide 'DURABLE' material.
• Available for Sonny's 'Whisper' Top Brush, Macneil 'Hush Brush' Top Brush, Econocraft, Peco Top Brush, Ryko Top Brush Rollovers.

NEOGLIDE NINJA BRUSH – "Labor saving wheel & rim cleaner"
• Safe on all types of rims.
• Does not disturb the clear coat or chrome rims.
• Directional Neoglide fingers reach deep in the hard to reach places of the rims.
• 24 finger middle cleaning with 12 finger entrance & exit sections ensure superior cleaning & durability.
• Reduces Labor.
• Easy to replace 6' sections.
• Available through Sonny's Enterprises.

• Change your old nylon or "foambright" material to long wearing "DURABLE" Neoglide material.
• Retro kits available for Ryko machines.
• Available for all C-Channel rollover units, including AUTEC & Nu Star.

PLASTIC MODULAR DESIGN – "Neoglide has a unique modular design"
• Easy installation, no more struggling to remove old cloth from old hubs.
• It's modular design creates unlimited height possibilities and replacement of sections.
• Every replacement of the Neoglide will have fresh hubs to give your equipment a fresh new look every time.
• Neoglide is lightweight, 75% less weight yields less wear & tear on support equipment, motors, & bearings.

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